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Welcome to PAAS!

PAAS is the Centre of Excellence for African Arts in Scotland. We work to bring and share the vibrant arts of African origins with everybody who live in or visits Scotland!

We work to promote the enrichment of people’s experience and the quality of life. We support bringing people together, promoting healthy living, learning and knowledge exchange, protecting the environment and creating social wealth and value of all kinds through the diverse arts and cultural heritage of the people of Scotland.

Culture 2014 and Festival 2014 was just an amazing time and we feel that Glasgow will continue to flourish and we are proud to part this!

“People Make Glasgow and People make Scotland!”

“let the arts shape the people’s hearts and the city will never be the same”

The City will never be the same! We want to thank all those who continue to support our work. Our special thanks to Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council Culture 2014, Glasgow Life for making our dream come true! We set up Ha Orchestra and did some groundbreaking work!

In collaboration with our partners GRAMNet and CCH we are setting up workshops across the city for the learning of African music and playing African musical instruments in Scotland as part of HA5 – ‘Ha of the City’.

“Pick up an instrument and make it a part of your life”

The ‘Ha Orchestra’ is a partnership project with the Community Central Halls where we are now based, and University of Glasgow GRAMNet. The orchestra is a melting pot of instrumental music from various regions of Africa and is a part of the Culture 2014 and Festival 2014 programme in Glasgow. Visit for more information on Ha Orchestra.


PAASFest 2015

The summer of 2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of Pan African Arts Scotland! We will celebrate with our annual festival PAASFest 2015 on July 17th and 18th 2015 a detail programme will be announced in due course!

A video of PAASFest 2012 The Gathering Concert

Researching Multilingually at The Borders of Language, the Body, Law and The State Project

PAAS is a consultant partner on this University of Glasgow  Three-year research project leading the Creative Arts and Translating Cultures (CATC) Hub of the Project.

The principal investigator Professor Alison Phipps leads and international team of researchers.

Awarded £1,968,749.

“We are delighted to announce this funding award from the Translating Cultures Programme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council as one of its three large grants. This international project  drawing on the ground work of the Researching Multilingually team, has two overarching aims:

1)  to research interpreting, translation and multilingual practices in challenging contexts, and,

2)  while doing so, to evaluate appropriate research methods (traditional and arts based) and develop theoretical approaches for this type of academic exploration”.




Centre of Excellence for African Arts in Scotland