Our Projects

Pan African Arts Scotland has a number of really exciting projects this year and hope to involve everybody who might be interested!

The Ha Orchestra

The Ha Orchestra is a long standing dream come true for Pan African Arts Scotland in 2014, through Culture 2014 funding from Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council (Glasgow Life)

Ha Orchestra is PAAS main music project. The Orchestra creates a distinct symphonic system of sounds from various African instruments in a way that is particularly different from western classical music played in Africa. The Orchestra is a part of PAAS’ vision of a Centre of Excellence of African Arts in Scotland. The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is an opportunity for cultural exchange and PAAS is sharing the vast wealth of African music in Scotland through the first and only African Orchestra in Scotland.

The Orchestra is setting up five African musical instrument playing workshops across Glasgow – Ha5. Ha North will be based at the Barmulloch Community Centre,  Ha Central at the Community Central Halls, Ha South at Gal Gael in Ibrox.  Potentially Ha East will be based at The Platform in Easterhouse.  and Ha West in the University of Glasgow. Details of the workshops will soon be on the Ha Orchestra website www.haorchestra.com


Researching Multilingually at the Borders Of Language the Body, Law and the State. (A University of Glasgow – GRAMNet) Project.

Pan African Arts Scotland is leading the Creative Arts and Translating Cultures CATC Hub of this research project. Pan African Arts Scotland is a part of this ground breaking large grant project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council AHRC as a creative arts partner providing and arts and research resources.

For detailed information visit: http://researching-multilingually-at-borders.com/

 African Fashion Project

Sima Couture is an African Fashion Social Enterprise.  Its mission is to create social value through designing, making and promoting made in Scotland African wear and other fashion products in Scotland and beyond. It is to offer a bespoke brand, recognised for its quality and style that accommodates and celebrates varying body sizes and shapes and personal tastes.

1. The enrichment of the already diverse Scottish culture through African Couture of the highest quality.
2. Contributing to economic growth through creating social value, wealth and self-worth.

We deliver skills development workshops in sewing, dressmaking, design, modeling and retail. We have an annual show in PAASFest which showcases current designs and cuts bringing together fashion and live African music and dance.

The Social enterprise also has alterations and made-to-fit services.

The Black History Month Adinkra Fashion Show

Artistic Residency Project 

The PAAS Artistic Residency project includes three resident bands, HESU, Akaya, and the Glasgow Highlife Band. This project supports PAAS’ artistic strategy through performance, teaching and learning, devising and demonstration outreach and in-house workshop programmes.

GHB Photo 1

Volunteer Development Project

PAAS’ volunteer development project is in the center of our aim to promote civic participation among Africans in Scotland. We offer volunteer opportunities in various areas of PAAS work including Governance, Arts Programmes, PAASFest, Resident Bands, Fund Raising, Administration, Projects.

Our volunteer development project offers a friendly and supportive environment for individual to give freely of their skills, time and ideas contributing to PAAS’ work whiles learning and gaining skills, and new experiences through our volunteer training programmes as well as simply being involved in enjoyable arts activities and sharing experiences with many creative individuals and groups.

To apply and volunteer at PAAS, send an email to us now and we will get back to you  volunteer@panafricanartsscotland.org.uk

Education & Community Outreach Workshops

The key objectives of the Curriculum For Excellence for Scottish Schools require all children and young people to develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

In line with this, Pan African Arts Scotland has developed an exciting expressive arts learning package for children and young adults which incorporates African music, dance and storytelling and gives participants an experience that facilitates these objective.

Schools workshop 2

As the principles and practice document of the Curriculum for Excellence in the arts states,

“The inspiration and power of the arts play a vital role in enabling our children and young people to enhance their creative talent and develop their artistic skills”.

In addition to the Schools package we have a community outreach project for all ages. We deliver these through our resident artistes and resident bands and the Ha Orchestra.

Video Production Workshop 1

Centre of Excellence for African Arts in Scotland